Hi, this is Wendy Cheal one of the Legion Kitchen elves under the watchful eyes of Helen our supreme leader. I wondered if you could mention how badly we could use helpers for different events that the Legion caters. The duties include bringing a loaf of sandwiches, cutting sandwiches, cheese and preparing the platters to go on the tables. We refill platters and then there is clean up when it’s finished. I understand that these events bring a lot of money into the Legion so the better the event maybe more will happen by word of mouth. Monday there were 4 ladies and no men to help set up tables….2 of us called husbands to come and help. We would appreciate the help and we do have lots of fun in the kitchen. “Many hands make light work”.
If you can help out contact Helen Bailey at hcbailey1@hotmail.com
Thanks so much for your help!