52 envelopes, 1 card will be inserted into each envelope and sealed
Sealed envelopes will be mixed and numbered 1 to 52
The numbered envelopes will be placed on a secure board in a secure
location and only displayed at the draw each week. This ensures no
one knows which envelope contains the Ace of Spades
Each week there will be 1 ticket drawn and the winner will receive 20%
of the ticket sales for that week
If the winner is present they will choose an envelope #. If they are not
present the legion executive member who is doing the draw that day
will choose the lowest # envelope on the board. The envelope # will be
opened to reveal the card inside. If it is the Ace of spades the winner
will also receive the Jackpot. If it is not, the card will be displayed with
the envelope underneath in the spot where the envelope was chosen
from. The Jackpot will continue to grow.
Open to Non-Members
Tickets are only valid for the weekly draw in which they are purchased
All draws will be at the the Royal Canadian Legion #29, 70 William st.,
Paris, Ontario N3L 1L6
Draws will be held every Saturday at 3pm. Cut off for sales is 2pm of
the day of the draw. Ticket sales for the next weeks draw will
commence after the current days draw
There is a $$ limit in weekly sales determined by our Lottery License
There is no limit as to how many tickets an individual can purchase
Tickets must be purchased with CASH ONLY
Two part numbered tickets will be sold at a cost of:
1 for $2 OR 3 for $5
Ticket purchasers must be 18 years of age. Tickets cannot be
purchased on behalf of a person who is under 18 years of age.
Distribution of weekly prizes is in relation to the income from the
tickets sales
20% will be awarded to the winning ticket holder
30% will be added to the progressive prize pool
50% will be added to the Legion charitable donations participants
(max. $50,000)
Any questions on the procedures of the draws, prior to the draw please
contact the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 29 (519) 442 3788