Comrades, the annual Poppy Campaign starts this Friday, October 30th and runs until November 11th. This year, due to COVID-19 we will not be asking our members to volunteer for tagging. We know that this will impact our donations but the safety of all is our main concern.
As in previous years, poppy boxes will be placed in local businesses, and schools.
The Branch will have a poppy box and will also have LEST WE FORGET bracelets and poppy centres for sale.
Last year’s poppy campaign raised over $18,000 and over $14,000 has been
donated to help Veterans Youth Education and Charitable donations.
I am looking for volunteers to help with the counting of money when the
campaign is completed. There is a volunteer sheet at the Branch or you can
contact me at the below number.
Please remember the Poppy Fund is the Legion’s way of remembering the DEBT WE OWE TO THOSE WHO SACRIFICED SO MUCH.

Earl Mac Donald